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Online Awareness Challenge: Social Media Red Flags Crossword

Test your social media savvy with the Social Media Red Flags Crossword. Uncover online risks, privacy concerns, and responsible usage in this engaging puzzle.


Engage in a captivating challenge with the Social Media Red Flags Crossword. This intriguing crossword puzzle puts your knowledge of social media practices to the test. Explore various clues and decipher the red flags associated with online behavior, privacy concerns, cyberbullying, and more. Sharpen your awareness of potential risks and gain insights into responsible social media usage. Whether you’re an avid user or a concerned parent, this crossword provides an enjoyable and educational experience that promotes safer and more mindful engagement in the digital world.
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1. _____ you don’t know following you or your co-workers inside the office.
2. Contact _____ about unknown individuals.
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Online Awareness Challenge: Hacker Motives Crossword

Explore hacker motives in the Online Awareness Challenge: Hacker Motives Crossword. Decode clues, uncover cybersecurity insights, and enhance your online safety.


Dive into the enigmatic world of hackers with the Hacker Motives Crossword. Explore the hidden clues and decipher the motives driving cybercriminals. Uncover the reasons behind cybersecurity breaches, data theft, and malicious activities. Enhance your understanding of hacker psychology and gain insights into safeguarding your digital assets. Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional or simply curious about the darker side of the internet, this crossword puzzle offers an engaging and educational experience to unravel the motivations behind hacking incidents. Challenge yourself and expand your knowledge of the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.


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1. Cybersecurity training can protect you from _____ attacks.
2. _____ can leverage your credit score to open accounts,
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Employee Guide To Spot Phishing Emails Crossword

Being able to spot phishing emails is important and If you’re wondering why phishing is still a thing, it’s because you and your friends keep falling for it. So stop it. Stop it now. 


Email is the largest platform for executing phishing scams, and criminals are getting better at using it effectively. Step 1 for not falling for the next phishing email you receive is understanding what phishing is, how it works and how to recognize it when you see it. 

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1. Don’t click on _____ links.
2. Think before you _____
3. Hackers want your _____ information
5. _____ is a social engineering attack.
6. Over 280 billion _____ are sent each day.
8. _____ phishing are targeted attacks to individuals.


4. Always remain _____ of
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The 18 Identifiers Of PHI Crossword Puzzle

In this crossword puzzle we will identify a few protected health Information (PHI) words. These words are key to protect ourselves and everyone else that are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA).

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1. _____ record numbers.
3. A place you live at.
4. What can a person call you on?
5. Social ____ Numbers.
10. Who need to protect this information?
12. Short for Date of Birth.
14. Short for internet protocol address numbers.


2. Any other unique _____ number.
6. What security type is a finger print?
7. Think before you _____.
8. Health plan _____ numbers.
9. _____ the source.
11. Use common _____.
13. Always follow _____.
15. What is your _____ ?

I hope this article was helpful, if

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Physical Security Crossword Puzzle

As businesses become more dependent on technology so does the need for digital and physical security. Technology demands a significant amount of physical security to safeguard data, servers, networks and other devices.

Security awareness is not just about preventing cyber attacks, it is also about protecting data in the physical world. Solve the Crossword puzzle below using terms related to physical security.



1. Don’t ever write your ______ down.
3. Always keep a ______ workspace.
4. If you see something, say something! Report all security ______.
5. Make sure doors to restricted areas are ______.
6. ______ is when someone follows you into and area.
8. When you leave, you should ______ your workstation.


2. Prevent ______ by being aware of your surroundings while using devices.
5. What is a level of data classification ______ ?
7. Stay ______ and be on the lookout for security problems.
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