Hacker Motives Crossword

Hackers are getting savvier and so are these Crossword Puzzles. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to abuse system vulnerabilities and sneak into our networks. In the digital age, protecting networks from hackers have become a top priority. 


Click on the link to read Understanding Hacker Motives it will also help you with this Crossword Puzzle.



1. Cybersecurity training can protect you from _____ attacks.
2. _____ can leverage your credit score to open accounts,
3. _____ can cripple a network from functioning.
5. What do Investigators spend alot of _____ ?
9. Identity _____ ranks near the top as one of the most common crimes worldwide.


1. _____ for example consists of full names, addresses and ID numbers.
4. _____ networks from hackers have become a top priority.
6. Criminals _____ crimes.
7. Hacking is a big _____ business.
8. Unprotected _____ is a huge risk.
10. Hackers want your _____.
11. Hackers like to _____ Data.

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