Social Media Red Flags

In this new Internet age, consumers are spending more and more time online. Every time you sign up for a social media account, post a picture, or update your status, you are sharing information about yourself. How can you be proactive and “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart”? These simple steps will help you connect with confidence and safely navigate the social media world.

Common Red Flags


Someone you don’t know following you or your co-workers inside the office.

Actions to Stay Safe

Contact security about unknown individuals.


Someone looking at your screen or watching what you type.

Pay attention to your surroundings and safeguard organizational information.


Someone you don’t recognize looking through a desk.

Keep confidential information and devices locked-up/secured when not in use.


Social media connection requests from someone you don’t recognize.

Don’t accept unsolicited requests; report them to the service.


Receiving an unusual request from someone you know.

Contact the person directly to verify it’s legitimate.


Requests that offer you something in exchange for private organizational information.

Be cautious before sharing any personal or organizational information.


Unexpected emails, phone calls, and voice or text messages.

Follow your organization’s security policies for handling suspicious correspondences.


Urgent requests to take an action.

Never act on emotion and take the time to verify the request is legitimate.

Always stop, look, and think before you click on a link, open an attachment, or take any action!

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