Online Awareness Challenge: Social Media Red Flags Crossword

Test your social media savvy with the Social Media Red Flags Crossword. Uncover online risks, privacy concerns, and responsible usage in this engaging puzzle.


Engage in a captivating challenge with the Social Media Red Flags Crossword. This intriguing crossword puzzle puts your knowledge of social media practices to the test. Explore various clues and decipher the red flags associated with online behavior, privacy concerns, cyberbullying, and more. Sharpen your awareness of potential risks and gain insights into responsible social media usage. Whether you’re an avid user or a concerned parent, this crossword provides an enjoyable and educational experience that promotes safer and more mindful engagement in the digital world.
Click on the link to read Social Media Red Flags it will also help you with this Crossword Puzzle.


1. _____ you don’t know following you or your co-workers inside the office.
2. Contact _____ about unknown individuals.
3. Don’t accept _____ requests; report them to the service.
4. Contact the_____ directly to verify it’s legitimate.
5. Requests that offer you something in exchange for private _____ information.
7. _____ requests to take an action.
8. Social _____ connection requests from someone you don’t recognize.
10. Keep confidential _____ and devices locked-up/secured when not in use.
11. Receiving an _____ request from someone you know.
14. Unexpected _____, phone calls, and voice or text messages.


6. Someone looking at your _____ or watching what you type.
9. Someone you don’t _____ looking through a desk.
12. Pay _____ to your surroundings and safeguard organizational information.
13. Be _____ before sharing any personal or organizational information.
15. Never act on _____ and take the time to verify the request is legitimate.
16. Follow your organization’s security _____ for handling suspicious correspondences.
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