Physical Security Crossword Puzzle

As businesses become more dependent on technology so does the need for digital and physical security. Technology demands a significant amount of physical security to safeguard data, servers, networks and other devices.

Security awareness is not just about preventing cyber attacks, it is also about protecting data in the physical world. Solve the Crossword puzzle below using terms related to physical security.



1. Don’t ever write your ______ down.
3. Always keep a ______ workspace.
4. If you see something, say something! Report all security ______.
5. Make sure doors to restricted areas are ______.
6. ______ is when someone follows you into and area.
8. When you leave, you should ______ your workstation.


2. Prevent ______ by being aware of your surroundings while using devices.
5. What is a level of data classification ______ ?
7. Stay ______ and be on the lookout for security problems.
9. ______ is when you let someone else use your credentials.
10. What do you have to erase and clean after a presentation?

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