The 18 Identifiers Of PHI Crossword Puzzle

In this crossword puzzle we will identify a few protected health Information (PHI) words. These words are key to protect ourselves and everyone else that are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act (HIPAA).

Click on the link to learn The 18 Identifiers Of PHI, it will also help you with this Crossword Puzzle.



1. _____ record numbers.
3. A place you live at.
4. What can a person call you on?
5. Social ____ Numbers.
10. Who need to protect this information?
12. Short for Date of Birth.
14. Short for internet protocol address numbers.


2. Any other unique _____ number.
6. What security type is a finger print?
7. Think before you _____.
8. Health plan _____ numbers.
9. _____ the source.
11. Use common _____.
13. Always follow _____.
15. What is your _____ ?

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