Employee Guide To Spot Phishing Emails Crossword

Being able to spot phishing emails is important and If you’re wondering why phishing is still a thing, it’s because you and your friends keep falling for it. So stop it. Stop it now. 


Email is the largest platform for executing phishing scams, and criminals are getting better at using it effectively. Step 1 for not falling for the next phishing email you receive is understanding what phishing is, how it works and how to recognize it when you see it. 

Click on the link to read Employee Guide To Spot Phishing Emails it will also help you with this Crossword Puzzle.



1. Don’t click on _____ links.
2. Think before you _____
3. Hackers want your _____ information
5. _____ is a social engineering attack.
6. Over 280 billion _____ are sent each day.
8. _____ phishing are targeted attacks to individuals.


4. Always remain _____ of any emails.
7. Attacks often feature malicious _____ or attachments.
9. Phishing emails have bad _____.
10. Phishing emails typically come with a sense of _____.

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