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100,000+ ChatGPT Accounts Hijacked and Auctioned on the Dark Web

100,000+ ChatGPT Accounts Hijacked and Auctioned on the Dark Web

ChatGPT accounts Hijacked! Learn about the recent breach of 100,000+ accounts and discover essential security measures to stay safe online.


In the realm of cybersecurity, the dark web continues to be a breeding ground for illicit activities. Recent reports have sent shockwaves through the online community as it has come to light that over 100,000 ChatGPT accounts have been hijacked and subsequently auctioned off on the dark web. This alarming breach has raised concerns about the security of personal information and the potential ramifications for those affected. In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding this incident, explore the methods employed by the perpetrators, and provide guidance on protecting oneself from such cyber threats.

The Dark Web: A Breeding Ground for Cybercrime

The dark web, a hidden part of the internet that is inaccessible through traditional search engines, has long been associated with illegal activities. It serves … Read the rest

BlackCat Ransomware Collective Alleges Theft of 80GB of Reddit Data

BlackCat Ransomware Collective Alleges Theft of 80GB of Reddit Data

Protect your online data! Learn about the alleged theft of 80GB of Reddit data by the BlackCat Ransomware Collective. Stay informed and secure.


In a shocking revelation, the infamous BlackCat Ransomware Collective claims to have successfully stolen 80GB of data from the popular social media platform Reddit. This cybercriminal group, known for their sophisticated hacking techniques, has once again managed to infiltrate a major online platform, leaving millions of users’ data compromised. The alleged theft has raised concerns over user privacy and cybersecurity, highlighting the pressing need for robust online security measures. In this article, we will delve into the details of the BlackCat Ransomware Collective’s alleged theft of 80GB of Reddit data and explore the implications of such incidents in today’s digital landscape.

How Did the BlackCat Ransomware Collective Access Reddit’s Data?

The BlackCat Ransomware Collective operates by exploiting vulnerabilities in a target’s security infrastructure. While the exact … Read the rest

Stripchat Breach Exposed 200m User Records

Stripchat founded in 2016 is an adult site for live nude cam shows has had its 200m user database exposed online. This data exposure puts both models and users at risk of extortion, violence, and other risks. 

The database was found on Nov. 5 by a security researcher. It contained about 200 million records from Stripchat, including 65 million user records with email addresses, IP addresses, the amount in tips they gave to models, when they created their accounts and when they last logged in. Another database discovered which had a lot of information about models. This data included their usernames, gender, studio IDs, tip menus and prices, whether they were online or not, and a number that reflects how much money they earned during private shows. We don’t know if anyone evil saw this information before they secured it.


Stripchat Data Exposure Threat

“The exposure could pose a significant

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Phishing Attack Exposes 447,000 Florida Patients

Phishing Attack Exposes 447,000 Florida Patients. Orlando Family Physicians, LLC began notifying 447,426 patients that it was the victim of a phishing attack on its employee email accounts.

Six things to know:

  1. On April 15, an unauthorized party accessed the email account of an employee by obtaining their user ID and password through a phishing email, according to a July 20 news release. 

  2. After the attack, the physician practice launched an investigation and found that three other employee email accounts had been breached. Within 24 hours, unauthorized access to each of the four email accounts was terminated, according to the news release.

  3. On May 21, the investigation determined that patient data in the email accounts may have been exposed. On July 9, the patients, prospective patients, employees and other people who had data in the email accounts were identified.

  4. Exposed data may include names, health insurance information, Social Security
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LinkedIn Breach Exposes 92% Of Its Users Data

I’m shocked and upset about this LinkedIn breach. This is their second massive LinkedIn breach. It was reported that 700M users were effected in this breach, which is more than 92% of the total 756M users. The database is found for sale on the dark web, with records including phone numbers, physical addresses, geolocation data, and inferred salaries.


What Happened?

 According to the RestorePrivacy website, the hackers were able to abuse the official LinkedIn API to download the data.

On June 22nd, a user of a popular hacker advertised data from 700 Million LinkedIn users for sale. The user of the forum posted up a sample of the data that includes 1 million LinkedIn users. We examined the sample and found it to contain the following information:

  • Email Addresses

  • Full names

  • Phone numbers

  • Physical addresses

  • Geolocation records

  • LinkedIn username and profile URL

  • Personal and professional experience/background

  • Genders

  • Other social media

Read the rest maker of Words with Friends data is on the Dark Web, maker of Words with Friends suffered a data breach in December that included 228m records and that data has recently surfaced on the Dark Web.

In the past you may have signed up for Words with Friends and other created games and provided the information to a service that is in some way associated with It may be difficult for you to remember, or you simply may not know other services are associated with What is important to know is that information belonging to all these users are now being shared improperly on the dark web.

Even though you may have stopped using (games Words with Friends and Draw Something), or perhaps deactivated the account, or maybe unsubscribed, the information could still be available in their systems.

Exposed Information

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Facebook Username/ID

What can you do next?

Being proactive with best practices and … Read the rest

Facebook Exposed 267M Users Phone Numbers

Researchers have found a database which exposes the names, phone numbers and Facebook user IDs of 267M of the Facebook users. This database was left unsecured on the web for nearly two weeks before it was removed.

The Data Exposed

In total 267,140,436 records were exposed. Most of the affected users were from the United States. Diachenko says all of them seem to be valid. Each contained:

  • A unique Facebook ID
  • A phone number
  • A full name
  • A timestamp

“A database this big is likely to be used for phishing and spam, particularly via SMS,” according to the Thursday report. “Facebook users should be on the lookout for suspicious text messages. Even if the sender knows your name or some basic information about you, be skeptical of any unsolicited messages.”

Facebook users can make some changes in their profiles from being scraped by strangers by adjusting their account privacy

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Disney+ Accounts Hacked And Ready For Sale

During the first week Disney+ Accounts have been Hacked and now ready for sale on the dark web. Users were complaining and reporting losing access to their accounts and unable to stream on twitter when the flags were raised. It was reported that the hackers were logging them out of all devices, and then changing the account’s email and password, effectively taking over the account and locking the previous owner out.

As is turns out many of these hackers gained access to accounts by using email and password combos leaked at other sites, while in other cases the Disney+ credentials might have been obtained from users infected with keylogging or info-stealing malware.

Check Here For Compromised Passwords From Other Sites


Disney+ Accounts Are Up for sale!

I cannot belive how quick Disney+ Accounts were compromised and hacked, they definitaly mobilized quickly to monetize on vulnerable Disney+ Accounts. These accounts were … Read the rest Breach Exposed Account Information suffered a breach and exposed account information. The recent data breach impacts user account information and customers within Network Solutions and the company explained in an online notification.

What Happened?

The breach occurred in August 2019, the hacker illegally accessed some data.

“On October 16, 2019, determined that a third-party gained unauthorized access to a limited number of our computer systems in late August 2019, and as a result, account information may have been accessed. No credit card data was compromised as a result of this incident.”


What Was Exposed?

Customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and information regarding services offered to a given account holder. “We encrypt credit card numbers and no credit card data was compromised as a result of this incident”.


Other Details notification does not explicitly reference Network Solutions or, however the security expert Brian Krebs reported on Read the rest

Adobe Users Compromised Due To Public Accessible Database

Around 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users details are now available on the dark web. Researcher Bob Diachenko uncovered the compromised database which could be tapped without a password or any other authentication; offering an attacker access to email addresses, account information and which Adobe products that users purchased. They were quickly made aware but information was already out on the web. Which now leaves you open to even more phishing campaigns, as spear phishing wasn’t bad enough. 

Thankfully, users’ passwords and payment details were not among the data that was exposed. However, a laundry list of personal information belonging to nearly 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users was accessible via the database. This included:

  • Email addresses
  • Account creation date
  • Which Adobe products they use
  • Subscription status
  • Whether the user is an Adobe employee
  • Member IDs
  • Country
  • Time since last login
  • Payment status


Please be vigilant towards any emails you … Read the rest