Stripchat Breach Exposed 200m User Records

Stripchat founded in 2016 is an adult site for live nude cam shows has had its 200m user database exposed online. This data exposure puts both models and users at risk of extortion, violence, and other risks. 

The database was found on Nov. 5 by a security researcher. It contained about 200 million records from Stripchat, including 65 million user records with email addresses, IP addresses, the amount in tips they gave to models, when they created their accounts and when they last logged in. Another database discovered which had a lot of information about models. This data included their usernames, gender, studio IDs, tip menus and prices, whether they were online or not, and a number that reflects how much money they earned during private shows. We don’t know if anyone evil saw this information before they secured it.


Stripchat Data Exposure Threat

“The exposure could pose a significant privacy risk for both Stripchat viewers and models,” Diachenko said. “If the data was stolen, they could face harassment, humiliation, stalking, extortion, phishing and other threats, both online and offline.” 

“Victims should be on the lookout for targeted phishing emails from fraudsters posing as Stripchat or a related company,” Diachenko  warned. “Never click on links or attachments in unsolicited emails.”


Exposure of databases through misconfiguration is a major problem. It can happen to any organization, whether they are using the public cloud or have opened access to their internal services on the internet. Organizations need to continuously monitor all resources they deploy because a single misconfiguration can lead to a breach. Such records can be sold on the dark web, used for identity theft, or even turned into a weapon in a cyber attack. Do your best to protect yourself. 

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