Zynga.com maker of Words with Friends data is on the Dark Web

Zynga.com, maker of Words with Friends suffered a data breach in December that included 228m records and that data has recently surfaced on the Dark Web.

In the past you may have signed up for Words with Friends and other zynga.com created games and provided the information to a service that is in some way associated with zynga.com. It may be difficult for you to remember, or you simply may not know other services are associated with zynga.com. What is important to know is that information belonging to all these users are now being shared improperly on the dark web.

Even though you may have stopped using zynga.com (games Words with Friends and Draw Something), or perhaps deactivated the account, or maybe unsubscribed, the information could still be available in their systems.

Exposed Information

  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Facebook Username/ID

What can you do next?

Being proactive with best practices and next steps such as the following can help:

  • Change the password associated with the affected website or any other site that uses that password.
  • If you don’t remember your password, perform a password reset on the site.
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