Disney+ Accounts Hacked And Ready For Sale

During the first week Disney+ Accounts have been Hacked and now ready for sale on the dark web. Users were complaining and reporting losing access to their accounts and unable to stream on twitter when the flags were raised. It was reported that the hackers were logging them out of all devices, and then changing the account’s email and password, effectively taking over the account and locking the previous owner out.

As is turns out many of these hackers gained access to accounts by using email and password combos leaked at other sites, while in other cases the Disney+ credentials might have been obtained from users infected with keylogging or info-stealing malware.

Check Here For Compromised Passwords From Other Sites


Disney+ Accounts Are Up for sale!

I cannot belive how quick Disney+ Accounts were compromised and hacked, they definitaly mobilized quickly to monetize on vulnerable Disney+ Accounts. These accounts were put up for sale on hacking forums within hours after the service’s launch on November 12th.

ZDNet States that prices vary from $3 per account to as much as $11 — which, by the way, is more than what a legitimate Disney+ account costs from Disney, which is $7.

Below are screenshots that ZDNet took of various ads, along with screenshots we received from multiple sources that helped our investigations.


Search results for Disney+ accounts on a dark web marketplace
Image: ZDNet


What Should I Do?

My advice for users with any Disney+ Accounts or Disney+ Accounts what were hacked is to use unique passwords for their accounts. However if your computer or phone and devices have malware or keyloggers they can just steal your passwords again. Since the most common scenario of hackers gaining access to accounts right now was just by guessing the password from previous leaks it would be best to not use that hacked password. 

Check Here For Compromised Passwords From Other Sites

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