Adobe Users Compromised Due To Public Accessible Database

Around 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users details are now available on the dark web. Researcher Bob Diachenko uncovered the compromised database which could be tapped without a password or any other authentication; offering an attacker access to email addresses, account information and which Adobe products that users purchased. They were quickly made aware but information was already out on the web. Which now leaves you open to even more phishing campaigns, as spear phishing wasn’t bad enough. 

Thankfully, users’ passwords and payment details were not among the data that was exposed. However, a laundry list of personal information belonging to nearly 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users was accessible via the database. This included:

  • Email addresses
  • Account creation date
  • Which Adobe products they use
  • Subscription status
  • Whether the user is an Adobe employee
  • Member IDs
  • Country
  • Time since last login
  • Payment status


Please be vigilant towards any emails you have not been expecting because hackers will now perform spear phishing attacks by sending cleverly designed emails that look like the real deal from Adobe, these emails would contain a link to a website where they would trick you to enter your password.

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