Configure Network Segmentation with TP-Link Omada Controller

In this tutorial, you will be shown how to configure network segmentation with the TP-Link Omada Controller. Segmentation is an ideal practice to protect your TP-Link Omada network.

What is network segmentation?

Network segmentation is, to put it as simply as possible, the practice of dividing a larger computer network into several small subnetworks that are each isolated from one another. Network segmentation is also a key part of HIPAA and PCI compliance. The benefits of segmenting your network can massively outweigh the challenges of configuration. Some key benefits of network segmentation include:

  • Slowing Down Attackers.
  • Increasing Overall Data Security.
  • Enabling Implementation of a Policy of Least Privilege.
  • Reducing Damage from Successful Attacks. 

Let’s get started with network segmentation 

Before we start this tutorial is under the impression you already have additional networks created. If you need help with creating new VLAN Networks Click Here.

  1. Log into your cloud controller either using the URL or The IP address assigned to the TP-Link Omada Controller.
  2. Once logged in go ahead and expand the menu by sliding your mouse to the left bar.
  3. Click on Settings down at the bottom.
  4. Expand Network Settings click on ACL.
  5. Afterwards click on Switch ACL.
  6. Then click on Create New Rule.
  7. From here I need to block the Guest lan from accessing the Primary Lan and Staff lan.
  8. Start by filling you the Name of the rule. I like to use descriptive phrases.
  9. Select the Deny radio button and make sure All protocols are selected.
  10. The Source Block I will checkmark Guest.
  11. Destination I will select the type of network and checkmark both Primary and Staff.
  12. Click the blue Apply button when done.

Now you should be able to understand how to create network segregation. It would be good practice to make a rule to Deny Primary and Staff to access the Guest network as well.



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