Lost your iPhone? Someone can use Checkm8 and Checkra1n to jailbreak it.

If you lost your iPhone you should be worried. Someone can hack into it with free software called Checkm8 and Checkra1n to jailbreak it. Essentially they would be able to hack into your phone and by pass any security you have in place. 

Why should we care about Checkm8?

The Checkm8 vulnerability works on 11 generations of iPhones, from the 4S to the X. While it doesn’t work on newer devices, Checkm8 can jailbreak hundreds of millions of devices in use today. And because the bootrom can’t be updated after the device is manufactured, Checkm8 will be able to jailbreak in perpetuity.

  • Checkm8 requires physical access to the phone. It can’t be remotely executed, even if combined with other exploits
  • The exploit allows only tethered jailbreaks, meaning it lacks persistence. The exploit must be run each time an iDevice boots.
  • Checkm8 doesn’t bypass the protections offered by the Secure Enclave and Touch ID.
  • All of the above means people will be able to use Checkm8 to install malware only under very limited circumstances. The above also means that Checkm8 is unlikely to make it easier for people who find, steal or confiscate a vulnerable iPhone, but don’t have the unlock PIN, to access the data stored on it.

Why should we care about Checkra1n?

The Checkra1n software is a project that was created by team of hackers who exploited an unpatchable vulnerability in iOS named checkm8. Essentially, this process uses that vulnerability to jailbreak iOS devices — from iPhone 5S to iPhone X, iOS 12.3 and above. The hacker group created the software checkra1n and it can be downloaded on to a Mac or Linux computer and used to jailbreak an iPhone connected to it. It’s a very simple and easy process to do. If you are interested on how to do it, visit https://checkra.in/



What to do if you lost your iPhone?

You can try and go find it , sign in to iCloud.com/find. But this can be dangerous you should rather do the following.

  1. File a Theft and loss claim if it is covered by AppleCare+ and request iPhone replacement. File a claim
  2. Absolutely remotely erase your device Erase your device.  If you have AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss, do not erase your iPhone until your claim has been approved.
  3. Change sensitive passwords to, banking, emails, utilities. 

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