Adobe Pushed Emergency Patches For Two Critical Flaws.

Adobe has pushed out security updates for two critical vulnerabilities . Adobe Acrobat and Reader for Windows and Mac are affected.

The flaw reported by Apelt is identified as the CVE-2018-16011 and is a bug that can lead to arbitrary code execution. An Attacker can exploit the flaw by tricking an end user into clicking a PDF file which would execute a script with the privileges of the current logged in user.

The last vulnerability was discovered by Hariri and identified it as the CVE-2018-19725, is a security bypass flaw that could result in privilege escalation.

Contact your IT Leaders and make sure your software is updates. Some of you may already have the software to auto update or you can try to update the software yourself by opening up Adobe Acrobat or Reader and clicking Help > Check for Updates .

More Resources for downloads.

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