Lean Six Sigma Implementation in IT Operations

Lean Six Sigma has been around for quite some time and is now starting to be used in IT Operations more often to provide ITSM success.  The implementation of Lean Six Sigma for the most part into the daily IT Operations has been proved fruitful for companies because the strengths of Six Sigma which lies in the data driven approach. It has supported in minimizing the Project Duration and the Lean Six Sigma framework can be used by IT professionals towards challenges and overcome solutions for tomorrow.

Lean Six Sigma is a defect reduction methodology that can transform organizations to focus on the quality of the customer experience, Lean Six Sigma aims to measure and improve both internal processes, such as network speed and reliability, and line-of-business processes in which IT has a role.


In this challenging World, IT and the management of information must be handled with care and efficiency. Therefore using time-tested Lean Six Sigma principles can help to make your business more effective over time. By using the Lean Six Sigma concepts, a company can monitor the quality of new hires, productivity levels, and profitability more clearly.

Lean Six Sigma has proven to be highly effective in managing automated IT processes across most companies, managers certified with enjoy Lean Six Sigma higher job satisfaction, production rates and effective utilization of modern technology.

All in all the entire IT sector is knowledge base-driven and whomever has the discipline to invest huge amounts of time and money to develop skills outside the organization can definitely reap the benefits . The Lean Six Sigma certification creates strong processes that enhance learning and reduce cost which is beneficial for both the company and the employee.

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