Microsoft Edge Being Switched To Chromium

If you haven’t heard already Microsoft Edge is switching to the open-source Chromium software. This is the same software that Google Chrome is based on. This is a beautiful idea most because who wants to navigate a hand full of folder paths to reach favorites. I really hope that they will place them back to the original location. The reason why Microsoft is moving to the Chromium based software is due to website compatibility issues. May developers use Macs to cram out code and graphics for websites and well these Mac users do not have access to Edge. Microsoft said that the new browser can be used on Macs which will increase compatibility not only for current sites but for future sites as well.

Currently there is no beta or screenshots of the new browser and we will most likely have to wait for late 2019 before we can get our hands on anything to play with. While you wait might as well take advantage of early access beta testing for when its available.  Beta Sign-Ups

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