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How to configure Uplink with all vLAN on Dell N2024 or N2048

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure your Dell N2024 or N2048 Uplink port to use all vLAN’s. We will configure the port as a Trunk afterwards allow all vLAN passthrough and then set a native vLAN for device management.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Use your Console Cable or SSH into your Dell N2024 or N2048 switch using Putty

Step 2: After you have access type in enable and your password. Once logged in type in config.



Step 3: Now decide which port you want to be your Uplink port. In my case I will be using port 24 on my Dell N2024 switch.

Step 4: Now we will select the interface / port we want to apply our settings.

console(config)#interface gigabitethernet 1/0/24

Step 5: Now that you have the port selected, we will change the port mode to a trunk.

console(config-if-Gi1/0/24)#switchport mode trunk

Step 6: This following command will allow all vLAN’s to pass through

console(config-if-Gi1/0/24)#switchport trunk allowed vlan all

Step 7: If you want a specific vLAN to be the native/primary on this port use the following command. vLAN 220 will be set as my native vLAN. The Native vLAN can be used to access the Dell N2024 or N2048 Switch GUI by IP for that vLAN.

console(config-if-Gi1/0/24)#switchport trunk native vlan 220

Step 8: Save the changes to your switch config.


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