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How Configure UniFi Controller 7.0 DHCP With Microsoft Active Directory DNS

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure Unifi Controller 7.0 DHCP Server with Microsoft Active Directory DNS.

Let’s get started.

Make sure you are on latest Unifi Controller Version. This tutorial was created for version 7.0.25. I will be using a Unifi UDM Pro for this configuration.

Step 1: Log into your Unifi Controller.

Step 2: Click Settings 

Step 3: Click Networks 

Step 4: Click on the existing network you want to apply your DHCP with Microsoft Active Directory DNS.

Step 5: Scroll down to DHCP and click Show options.

Step 6: Your IP address subnet may be different however in this example you would place your Active Directory DNS server IP addresses in these DNS fields.

Step 7: Click the Apply Changes button.

You are good to go your network devices should now auto obtain proper DNS from the Unifi Controller 7.0 DHCP Server.

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