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Windows devices can’t connect to RADIUS 802.1X Wifi

There is a known issue with a windows patch that will cause some Windows 10 and 11 devices unable to connect to RADIUS 802.1x Wifi, luckily there is a workaround.  


Windows RADIUS Wifi Access Workaround

  1. On your Windows device open search, type Control Panel and open the Control Panel application.

  2.  Once the Control Panel window is open click on [ View network status and tasks ].

  3.  Once your within the Network and Sharing Window locate and click on [ Set up a new connection or network ].

  4.  Now we will click on [ Manually connect to a wireless network ] followed by clicking Next.

  5.  In the Network name field type in your WIFI SSID name. In Security type, click the dropdown and select WPA2-Enterprise. Afterwards click Next.

  6.  You will now be presented with a Successfully added your wifi ssid message. However we are not finished yet. Lets click on [ Change connection settings ].

  7.  Click on the [ Security ] tab.

  8.  Now we will click on settings and edit some options for our authentication method.

  9.  Un-Check Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate. Then click OK.

  10.  Once back on Wireless Network Properties click on [ Advanced Settings ].

  11.  Now that we are in Advanced settings select the [ checkbox ] for Specify authentication mode. Click on the [dropdown] and select User authentication. Now at this last part click [ Save credentials ]

  12.  Now enter your RADIUS AD user name and password, followed by clicking on OK.

  13.  Now Click on the OK Button on all 2 previous windows
  14.  Last step is to click [ Close ] on the Manually connect to a wireless network. Now you should successfully connect to your wifi access.

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  1. I still have problem Connecting. I tried this. The wifi of my university still doesn’t connect. Is there anything else should I do?
    The IT department of my university said it might be an IP adress problem.
    when I give the id and password it shows Cant connect to this network.

    1. Your IT department should be helping you. Have they provided you with all the wireless security settings encryption method types? Also make sure your computer has the lastest updates and drivers. Depending on the wifi radius is configured the computer you are using could be required to be joined to the domain environment as well.

  2. I’m still having connection issues. I have my RADIUS server established as prescribed by your previous tutorial and completed these steps on the end user laptop as well. I installed wireshark to view the traffic and I can see the RADIUS requests and challenges, and I can see the RADIUS server making LDAP requests to the Domain Controller, which look to be successful, but my end user laptop will not make the connection. Any assistance or further guidance would be much appreciated.

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