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I am sure we can all say that working from home is great but it poses a whole new set of cyber security challenges and without the convenience of in-house technical support, it can be a problem it’s not like a corporate tech will just go to your house. Here are a few cyber security housekeeping steps to consider to ensure your new office is safe and secure.

Many vendors provide you with a router or if you purchase them in the store make sure to follow these 5 steps.

Log in to your router to access its settings, if you’re unsure how to log in, look at your routers make and model and then you can use that to search the internet for articles or YouTube for videos. 

Change the SSID (Service Set Identifier). The SSID is the name of your wireless network. Use WPA instead of WEP Wifi password security and make sure to use a unique and strong password.

Use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN is software that encrypts your internet connection and prevents others from viewing your internet traffic. Many organizations require the use of a VPN for remote workers.

Change your router’s username and password. Most routers ship with default login credentials that are public knowledge and must be changed immediately.

If available, enable automatic updates so your router is always on the most recent firmware or software version.

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Device Defense and Security 

You have a secure network, but what about your computer? In order to ensure that your computer is also secure, you should do the following:


Use Strong Passwords: 
All accounts and devices require strong unique passwords, Don’t share those passwords with anyone for any reason.


Lock your Computer:
When not in use, always lock your computer and ensure no one else in your household can access work related information or accounts. 


Beware of smart devices:
Ensure voice-controlled smart devices can’t listen in on any discussions that involve confidential information. Ideally, remove smart devices from your workspace.


Separate work and person:
Don’t use work devices or accounts for personal reasons, If you have approval to work on a personal computer, protect it with Antivirus software. 

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Always follow policy:
No matter where you work, remember that organizational policies apply and must be followed at all times. If you have questions always ask them.

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