Who is tracking you?

We have no idea who is tracking us out there on the internet and there is no shame in saying it, we have become complacent when it comes to sharing our content in all this online technology. But you should also know that technology and cyber criminals go hand in hand as they too will get smarter with their tracking abilities and this could potentially put you and your identity at risk. 


The spies of the future!

Have you ever noticed that if you happen to have searched a particular topic online, you start seeing adverts on this topic more frequently as you browse? This is no coincidence, whether you like it or not, your internet activities are being monitored every time you are online. When you are online, advertisers and various programs can track you by using your browser activities.


What information do they collect?

Purchases, Clicks & Site History

Social networking
activities &
profile info

Articles you read

68% of people are “not OK with targeted advertising because they don’t like having their online behavior tracked and analyzed.”


Why should you care?

The greatest risks of online tracking aren’t only targeted advertising. The more information they collect, the bigger the profile of you they can build on you and this can result in Identity Theft. This is now a multi-million dollar industry! Identity theft can result in the cloning of medical records, bank accounts, store accounts or even credit cards!

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