How To Block Mobile Attacks

Mobile Attacks statistics show that more than 60% of fraud originates from mobile devices.

Much of the world has gone mobile, and so have mobile attacks. Of the world’s cyberattacks, around 60% are initiated on mobile devices. About 80% of attacks against mobile devices take place via apps. Apps give hackers access to your device under the hood, so they can easily access your mobile banking app and initiate multiple levels of cybercrime. 


Here are a few ways to block mobile attacks.

• Don’t allow your device to auto-join random unknown public networks.
• Try to turn off the WiFi when you aren’t using it.
• Never send sensitive information over unknown WiFi connections unless you’re absolutely sure it’s a secure network.
• Make sure you have automatic Bluetooth pairing disabled.
• Always turn Bluetooth off when you don’t need it.
• Only use apps available from the official app store.
• Do not install apps from unknown developers.
• Keep your apps updated so you have the latest security.
• Delete apps that are no longer supported in the app store.
• Don’t grant apps full access to your phone.
• Many ads, giveaways and contests often lead to phishing sites that appear to be legit.
• Double check website URLs. These are harder to verify on mobile screens.
• Never save your login information on your phones web browser.
• Do not interact with text messages that attempt to have you to reveal personal information.
• Beware of similar tactics in platforms like What’s App, Facebook Messenger Instagram, etc.
• Treat text messages the same way you would with phishing emails.
• Do not respond to telephone or emails that request for personal financial information. Make sure to call your financial institution directly, using the phone number that appears on the back of your credit card or on your monthly statement.
• Never click on a link on any unsolicited emails.
• Only provide account information to people only when you initiate the call.
• Install a security app that can tell you when you are in a secure or fake website.

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