Why Cybersecurity Matters For Your Small Business

Cybersecurity is a crucial element for continued success in any industry. What I am sharing with you today are reasons why cybersecurity matters for your small business.

To succeed in today’s technical ecosystem cybersecurity must be part of your small to medium-sized business operations. So the same way that you’d never leave your store or office unlocked and vulnerable to street crime, you should never leave any aspect of your business network unprotected without security. Myself and many other managed service providers can provide a fully up-to-date understanding of cybersecurity — how to help you mitigate the risks and build cyber-resilience.

Why Cybersecurity Matters

Hackers and cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated each year, devising new, creative ways to fool people into handing over money or data. In some instances, they can target your systems without interacting with anyone at the company. There are many cyber security professionals but what really matters are the years of experience in developing the security intelligence and technical expertise necessary to help you overcome cyber-threats. Some of the most common cyber-risks include:

Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are, sadly, just a part of everyday life now. With scam emails landing in your inboxes on a daily basis, it’s crucial that staff under go cyber security awareness training. There are measures that can be taken to filter emails and implement strategies to ensure no one in your organization falls victim to these crimes.

AI-Enhanced Cyber-Threats

Machine learning and AI are changing the world. Due to their unprecedented ability to automate systems and speed up processes, algorithms are influencing supply chain management, security, manufacturing and marketing. Sophisticated hackers can launch cyberattacks such as machine-learning poisoning or AI fuzzing.


Ransomware is a particularly scary form of cyberattack in which cybercriminals hijack your system and only give it back if you pay them money. Even some of the biggest, most secure companies in the world have been hit by this type of cyberattack because they didn’t have stringent enough cybersecurity measures.

DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial of service is a malicious attempt to crash your systems by flooding your site with more traffic than it can handle. This prevents customers from reaching your website and spending money on your website. It’s cheap and quite easy to perform, so it’s one of the most frequently occurring cybercrimes. There are ways to cut off flooding and offload server functionality onto the cloud so you can filter malicious traffic before it gets through to you.


Hackers are a risk to your company, no matter what size it is. It’s vital that your social media, email accounts, website, systems and software have thorough security measures in place. You could hire an entire department to analyze your needs and implement the necessary measures. However, with a proper managed IT provider, you will benefit from the expertise of an entire team of specialists for about the price of hiring one individual.

How Managed IT Providers Can Help

Here you can read about the benefits of managed it services providers .

  • Business Operation Transformation
  • System Transformation
  • Defense and Detection
  • Incident Response and Recovery
  • Risk Advisory
  • Compliance

If you have any questions

If you need to take your cybersecurity up a notch please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities. 

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