A Thumb Drive For Every MSP TECH

This Thumb drive is a must for all MSP TECH’s, once we purchased the SAMSUNG FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB we have been more productive. I’m sure your asking right now how can this thumb drive make a tech more productive? Well it comes down to time saved. This thumb drive is very fast and the quicker we can transfer data and write data the quicker we can be done with tasks like installing windows on a computer or transferring clients data from computer to computer. 

The thumb drive, SAMSUNG FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128GB is quick and convenient with read speeds up to 400 MB/s*¹ with the latest USB 3.1 standard to ensure transferring data never slows you down. Send a 3GB ISO file from this thumb drive to your PC in around 10 seconds. Your MSP Tech 

Myself and other MSP Techs have really put this thing to work. Although the write speeds could be better you definitely get a big bang out of the read speeds. If you get yourself and your MSP Techs this drive they will thank you for all the time you just saved them.

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Patrick Domingues

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