Importance of Cyber Security in the Workplace

Organizations need to elevate their security posture at the workplace and put in place a cyber security policy to better protect their data and their client’s data. Most company’s these days have a database containing confidential information such as:

  • Private financial data of company assets.
  • Personal details of customers, executives, employees, vendors and partners of the firm.
  • Unfinished or ongoing projects, new software developments and patents of primal importance that are exclusive to the company.
  • Confidential information about existing or potential clients of the company.

Cyber Security is absolutely a requirement these days and should no longer be over looked. All company’s should at least follow simple cyber security practices and employees should be aware of cyber security threats by providing them cyber security awareness training

It is best to have a workplace security policy in place because your aren’t just protecting your employees’ but also the personal credentials of the clients and partners you do business with. A proper cyber security posture allows you to boast that your better to do business and this will gain the confidence of potential clients, and make them confide in your services so that they can decisively disclose their personal information to you. 

International survey’s were gathered on global cyber security, which provided some alarming facts on data breaches. Here is the list of cyber risks indicating the importance of having an efficient workplace security policy:

  • Government, retail and technological industries are subjected to 95% of all data breaches worldwide.
  • According to the survey, one cyber attack in every 39 seconds on an average affects 1 out of 3 employees.
  • Small businesses are most susceptible to cyber attacks in which 64% attacks are internet-based, 62% are phishing scams and attacks via social engineering. 
  • 93% of healthcare industries are subjected to recurring episodes of data breaching by cyber criminals.
  • 95% of all breaches in security takes place due to blunders made by employees in the workplace.
  • More than 77% of the firms do not have a cyber attack incident response program at their disposal in case of an attack.
  • On average, without an effective workplace security policy, it can take up to 6 months for a company to detect a data breach.

As you can see there is no shortage of scenarios of what can go wrong. Cyber criminals are always innovative and trying to trick employees and if you would like some assistance in starting up a cyber security policy feel free to contact me. 


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