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How to configure VMware vMotion on vSphere 6.7

Learn the essentials of configuring VMware vMotion on vSphere 6.7. Discover seamless live migration of virtual machines with this comprehensive guide.

In these steps below I will be guiding you through setting up VMware vMotion using vSphere 6.7.

  1. Log into your vSphere 6.7 portal
  2. In my case I want to have my esxi2 server to have the ability use vMotion.
  3. Proceed with Clicking the Configure Tab
  4. On the left hand side scroll down and location “Networking” , Click on VMKernel adapters.
  5. Proceed with clicking on the Add Networking button.
  6. You are now prompted with the Add Networking Wizard. In step 1 of this wizard. You will Keep VMkernel Network Adapter Selected, then click Next.
  7. Step 2 in the wizard we will be selecting New Standard Switch and then proceed with clicking Next.
  8. In Step 3 of the wizard, best practice is to use a dedicated Unused adapter. If you do not have one proceed with Active adapters and click Next and Accept the warning.
  9. Step 4 of the wizard use a Network Label by calling this adapter vMotion apply a vlan if you have one. Select vMotion check box and click Next.



  10. On Step 5 of this wizard, use a unused static IP address outside of the DHCP scope that matches your subnet so it does not conflict with anything on the network. Then proceed with clicking Next.
  11. In steps 6 of the wizard just click the FINISH button and you are complete.

Dont forget you will have to go through the same steps on the esxi server you want to transfer your Virtual Machines to. Happy vMotioning!

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