New Android Malware Spreading Through WhatsAPP

New Malware has been discovered being pushed through WhatsApp messages and once infected it will push to other contacts in order to expand what appears to be an adware campaign.

ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko said “This malware spreads via victim’s WhatsApp by automatically replying to any received WhatsApp message notification with a link to [a] malicious Huawei Mobile app” .

The malware will introduce itself as a Huawei Mobile app, upon clicking the link it will redirect users to a lookalike Google Play Store and luring you to install the malware app. You will be prompted to grant it notification access, which is then abused to carry out the malware attack.

Please be vigilant and always consider that the messages people send you with links may lead you to malware, especially if it something random and out of character from one of your contacts. 

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