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How To Restart Veeam Backup Services With Powershell

Veeam Backup is great but once you run into a problem Veeam backup can be quite tricky. 

There are some cases that you may happen to get jobs stuck or the console just won’t open up for you, you always can rely on restarting eventually the services and avoid an unnecessary server restart.

You can either make a script or use line by line the following commands.

Why Restart Veeam Backup Services With Powershell?

Before we delve into the details of restarting Veeam Backup services with PowerShell, let’s understand why you might need to perform this action. Restarting the Veeam Backup services can help resolve certain issues such as:

  1. Performance degradation: If you notice a significant decrease in the performance of your Veeam Backup, restarting the services can help alleviate the issue.

  2. Error messages: Sometimes, error messages may occur within the Veeam Backup services. Restarting them can help clear any temporary glitches or conflicts that may be causing the errors.

  3. Service unavailability: In rare cases, the Veeam Backup services may become unresponsive or fail to start. Restarting the services can restore their functionality.

How to Restart Veeam Backup Services With Powershell

Now that we understand the importance of restarting Veeam Backup services, let’s explore the steps to accomplish this using PowerShell. PowerShell provides a robust and efficient way to manage Windows services, including those associated with Veeam Backup. Follow the steps below:

Get-process | where {($_.Name -like "Veeam*")} | stop-process -Force
Get-Service | where {($_.Name -like "Veeam*")-and ($_.Status -eq "Running")} | Stop-service -Force
Get-Service | where {($_.Name -like "Veeam*")-and ($_.Status -eq "Stopped")} | Start-service


Restarting Veeam Backup services using PowerShell is a straightforward process. By opening PowerShell with administrative privileges, retrieving the desired Veeam Backup services with Get-Service, and restarting them with Restart-Service, you can quickly restart the Veeam Backup services to ensure they are running smoothly.

I hope this article was helpful! You can find more here: PowerShell Articles

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