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How To Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 24.04

How To install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 24.04 with this easy guide. Download, install, and configure Plex to stream your media effortlessly on your network.

Requirements for Installing Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 24.04

Ubuntu 22.04
  1. Ubuntu 24.04 Operating System: Ensure you are running Ubuntu 24.04.
  2. Internet Connection: Required for downloading the Plex Media Server package.
  3. Sufficient Storage: Ensure you have enough disk space for the Plex Media Server and your media library.
  4. User with Sudo Privileges: You need to have administrative rights to install software.
  5. Basic Terminal Knowledge: Familiarity with using the terminal to run commands.
  6. Firewall Configuration: (Optional) If using a firewall, ensure ports are open for Plex.
  7. Web Browser: To access the Plex Web App for configuration.

Step 1: Open a Terminal

You can open a terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T on your keyboard.

Step 2: Update Your System

Before installing new software, it’s always a good idea to update your system to the latest packages. Run the following commands:

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y

Step 3: Download the Plex Media Server Package

Use the wget command to download the Plex Media Server .deb package from the provided link.

wget https://downloads.plex.tv/plex-media-server-new/

Step 4: Install the Plex Media Server Package

Once the download is complete, install the package using the dpkg command.

sudo dpkg -i plexmediaserver_1.40.3.8555-fef15d30c_amd64.deb

Step 5: Resolve Dependencies

If there are any dependency issues, fix them using the following command:

sudo apt-get install -f

This command will install any missing dependencies required by the Plex Media Server.

Step 6: Start Plex Media Server

The installation process should start the Plex Media Server automatically. You can check its status with the following command:

sudo systemctl status plexmediaserver

You should see an output indicating that Plex Media Server is active and running.

Step 7: Enable Plex Media Server to Start at Boot

To ensure Plex Media Server starts automatically when your system boots up, use the following command:

sudo systemctl enable plexmediaserver

Step 8: Access Plex Media Server

To access your plex admin panel you will have to navigate to http://localhost:32400/web it is a little difficult since there is no GUI interface. You will have to connect to SSH that it will redirect your local browser. Disconnect from your current session and use the following:

ssh user@youriphere -L 8888:localhost:32400

Now you can access http://localhost:8888/web and reach the plex admin panel.

Step 9: Complete Plex Setup

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process. You will need to sign in with your Plex account or create a new one if you don’t have an account.

Optional: Configure Firewall (if needed)

If you have a firewall enabled on your system, you may need to allow traffic on the Plex Media Server port. Use the following commands to allow traffic on port 32400:

sudo ufw allow 32400/tcp
Sudo ufw allow 8888/tcp
sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw enable


By following these steps, you have successfully installed Plex Media Server on your Ubuntu 24.04 system. You can now start adding your media libraries and enjoy streaming your content.

If you have any issues or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

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