Webcam Blackmail or Sextortion Emails

It’s unbelievable how frequent people fall for the Webcam Blackmail or Sextortion emails. I have received a few and it’s quite hilarious and also rude on how they go about writing these emails. I’ll show you how fake Webcam Blackmail or Sextortion emails are. But first did you know hundreds of Millions of similar emails have been sent over and over all these years, but there seems to have been a flood of them over the past few months because more people and companies are succumbing to Data Breaches.


Do I Have To Be Worried?

These Scammers understand that we are all human and do human acts, simple as that. However because of these Data Breaches these hackers can obtain your email address and a password that you have used recently or in the past and this can make these Webcam Blackmail or Sextortion emails  very believable for people and makes you more vulnerable to fall victim, freak out and pay up the money to the scammers, which in reality they never really had any of that content.

Most definitely take notice of the password they are using because if that is a password you are currently are using, you should go and change it and never use it again. Here is some information on how to go about finding out if your password or email account has been Compromised.



Your typical Webcam Blackmail or Sextortion Emails


Additional Tips About Phishing Emails

Some common tip-offs that an email is phony are typos, grammatical mistakes, awkward language, missing words, extra spaces, and other signs that the email was written unprofessionally. Such emails might also ask you to look at an attachment or click a link and then give your personal information on a Web page or in a form. Or the sender’s email address might look suspicious. If you hover over the links you can even see that it would not direct you to legit URL. Here Are A Few Email TIPS

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