Horrible Call Quality With Samsung Galaxy s10 Lineup

The Samsung Galaxy s10 lineup of phones are great machines, the specs are great and the hard within them are amazing. However what in the world is going on with the call quality of these phones? I have been doing some research and many other people are ranting and raving on the Samsung forums and on Reddit about having the same issues with horrible phone call quality.

People have mentioned that it could be a carrier issue with ATT, however others like myself have Version and are experiencing the same issue.

Troubleshooting the issue:

What I have experienced during phone calls with people and they make some sort of high pitched tone the phone would magnify and focus on that high pitched sound, background noise would also be enhanced with ear piercing sounds which would cause me move my phone away from my ear. After some research I have found disabling the “Advanced Calling” feature which contains HD Voice and Video calling resolves that high pitched ear piercing sounds. You would think all is good now right?… NOPE! Now when placing calls to people on the same network or other networks the call quality just becomes more horrible, voice is not clear, there are breaks in the conversations and everyone sounds muffled. Right now there is no fix for this issue and the carriers will not acknowledge the issue… 

I’m not quite sure whats going on but in very upset with the quality and the carriers or Samsung should really look into resolving this issue. If your having the same issue please let your voice me heard so these vendors can resolve the issues!.

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Patrick Domingues

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