Octobers HealthCare.gov Data Breach Exposed Individuals Personal Information

Octobers HealthCare.gov Data Breach Exposed Individuals Personal Information. The details that were surfaced about the data breach said that around 75,000 consumers were effected. Letters were sent out to affected people from the Centers for medicare and Medicaid Services and it said that the sensitive data exposed may have included Social Security numbers and a variety of other personal information including income, tax filing status, family relationships and immigration status. At least no Financial information was exposed this time around and none of the exposed data included patient diagnosis or treatments.

The  system that was hacked was connected to the Healthcare.gov website. Anyone that used it to sign up for a new insurance plan were compromised, hackers targeted the behind-the-scenes system that insurance agents used to help customers directly enroll in their new plans, and not the consumer Healthcare.gov site itself.



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