CompTIA Server Plus Certification

The CompTIA Server+ certification is vendor neutral and you will learn a bit of everything, Dell, HP, Linux, Windows.  After passing this exam I have gained more confidence in my skill-sets towards the following:

  • Virtualization
  • Storage
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting

Skills Measured by
Server+ Certification

Key skill areas covered in CompTIA's Server+ exam include the following. Server+ certified technicians:

  • can deploy and upgrade system hardware and storage devices.
  • can install, configure, and update Network Operating Systems.
  • are skilled in disaster recovery procedures, backups, and restorations.
  • understand server virtualization concepts, features, and considerations.
  • can write, utilize and maintain server documentation, diagrams and procedures.
  • comprehend different server types, such as File Server, Web Server & DNS Server.
  • can troubleshoot server problems using the appropriate tools and methods.
  • can determine and setup the appropriate area to house physical servers.

The CompTIA Server Plus Certification
The CompTIA Server Plus Certification

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