How to uninstall Kaseya using PowerShell

How to uninstall Kaseya using PowerShell

In this Tutorial I will show you how to uninstall Kaseya using PowerShell. To uninstall Kaseya using PowerShell, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Notepad or any other text editor.
  2. Copy and paste the following code into the text editor:
# Uninstall Kaseya
$uninstallString = (Get-ItemProperty "HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{1FAEE6D7-34F4-423C-8A68-BFEF68420EDE}").UninstallString
& $uninstallString /s /v/qn

Note: The above code assumes that the Kaseya uninstall information is stored under the registry key {1FAEE6D7-34F4-423C-8A68-BFEF68420EDE}. You should verify this by checking the registry key for your specific installation of Kaseya.

  1. Save the file with a “.ps1” extension, for example “uninstall-kaseya.ps1”.
  2. Open PowerShell as an administrator.
  3. Navigate to the directory where you saved the script using the cd command, for example:
cd C:\Scripts
  1. Run the script using the following command:

Note: You may need to change your PowerShell execution policy to allow running scripts. You can do this by running the following command:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

After running the script, Kaseya should be uninstalled from your computer.

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