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How To Revert Microsoft Outlook Navigation Bar To The Bottom

With The Microsoft Outlook 2207 update, the navigation bar was moved from bottom to left to increase accessibility and provide more customization which allow you to include apps. If you don’t like the change, there is good news, Microsoft added a temporary option to revert this change. In this tutorial you will learn how to revert Microsoft Outlook navigation bar back to the bottom.

How To Revert Microsoft Outlook Navigation Bar To The Bottom


Step 1 : Open Microsoft Outlook

Step 2 : Locate and click on File > Options > Advanced.

Step 3 : Under Outlook panes, locate and uncheck Show Apps in Outlook.

Step 4 : Locate and click the OK button.

Step 5: Restart Microsoft Outlook.

Your Navigation bar should now be reverted to the bottom. Keep in mind that this is only temporary, and Microsoft will remove the option to revert this navigation bar completely.

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