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How to Add Unifi Protect Cameras On A VLAN

In this tutorial you will learn how to configure a VLAN with DHCP on UniFi Controller 7.0 and then add UniFi Protect Cameras to the VLAN.

Task Details

  1. Log into Your UniFi Controller.
  2. Create a virtual network (VLAN).
  3. Identify Camera Ports and apply VLAN.

Task 1: Log Into your UniFi Controller

  1. Open a browser tab and go to the Ubiquiti Account Portal using URL https://unifi.ui.com/
  2. Sign in with your username and password on Ubiquiti Account Portal.
  3. Select your Unifi Controller.

Task 2: Create Virtual Network

  1. Click Settings 

  2. Click Networks 

  3. Once the page loads click on Create New Network.

  4. Name your Network: UniFi Protect.

  5. Uncheck Auto Scale Network.

  6. Change the 3rd octet to any number you like, this will also be used as the VLAN ID.

  7. Scroll down to Advanced Configuration and select Manual.
  8. Change the VLAN ID to 200.
  9. Enable IGMP Snooping for better performance. 
  10. Scroll down to DHCP.
  11. Under DHCP Service Management, Expand Show Options.
  12. Change DHCP DNS, I will use OpenDNS addresses
  13. Locate Option 43 Application Host Address. Here you will add the UDM Pro Default Gateway Address, in my case its This tells the cameras where to look for the UniFi Protect Server.
  14. Click Apply Changes.

Task 3: Identify UniFi Camera Ports And Apply VLAN

  1. Click on UniFi Devices and locate the UniFi Camera section.
  2. Click on 1 of the Unifi Protect Camera. Within the Overview tab, review the Uplink port number. Click on the Blue link and it will take you to the Switch it is located on.
  3. Once you are on the switch it directed you to, click on the Ports Tab.
  4. Click the Port your UniFi Protect Camera is on and change the Port Profile to UniFi Protect.
  5. Click Apply Changes. Repeat with the rest of the cameras.

Now you can log into your UniFi Protect Server and enroll the devices into the UniFi Protect Controller.

I hope this article was helpful, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you would like to be notified of when I create a new post, you can subscribe to my blog alert.

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Patrick Domingues


  1. I want a VLAN completely isolated from all other networks for the Cameras.
    I currently have a bunch of Dahua cameras and Synology Surveillance Station. I am wanting to migrate from Surveillance Station to Protect.
    The currrent setup is Default VLAN is VLAN 1 Camera VLAN is VLAN 30. VLAN 30 is blocked from all access to VLAN 1 (in both directions. VLAN 1 can’t communicate with VLAN 30 and VLAN30 can’t communicate with VLAN 1) Also all internet is blocked from VLAN 30.
    Synology DS-918+ is the recording server. This has two NIC’s. One on VLAN 30, the other on VLAN 1, so Surveillance Stations can see cameras on VLAN 30.

    The issue I currently have trying to add a Protect camera is that it can’t be adopted. I can see them get an IP Address, I have the IP Address for my Unifi controller setup in the camera and I have opened specific ports from the VLAN 30 to the Unifi Controller, as per ports listed by UI needed. Still doesn’t seem to work.
    Any ideas?

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