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How To Create A Web APP In Azure – Lab2

In this tutorial you will learn how create a Web APP in your Azure Lab. I will guide you through to setting up a Docker container which will display the default welcome message and help you understand what the charts are tell you.

Task Details

  1. Sign to Azure Portal.
  2. Create a Web App using App Services.
  3. Understanding deployment details.
  4. Get the Deployed App URL and test.
  5. Understand what the Charts are saying.

Task 1: Log into Azure Portal

  1. Open a browser tab and go to the Azure portal using URL
  2. Sign in with your username and password on azure portal.

Task 2: Create a Web App using App Services

1. There are a few options in which you can locate App Services. Let’s click on the App Services from the Menu in the Left panel. You can also use the search bar at the top to find the App Services page or you can use the App Services icon right Infront of you.

2. Once App Services page loads click on the Create button.

3.Now on the Basic tab

  • Subscription: Leave it default selected.
  • Resource Group: Click Create New and name it AzureLab.

  •  Name: Enter a name for your Web APP.
    • Example: AzureWebAPPLab2
  • Publish: Select Docker Container.
  • Operating System: Select Linux.
  •  Region: Select any region.
  • Under App Service Plan you can leave default plan selected.
  • Afterwards click on Review + Create button.

4. Once you’re on your Review page and all looks right click on the Create Button. 


Task 3: Understanding deployment details.

1. Now you can see message Deployment is in progress:

2. Once you see the message Your deployment is complete your virtual machine is ready. Afterwards click on Go to Resource.

Task 4: Get the Deployed App URL

1. You should now be looking at the deployment details of your Azure Web APP.

2. Locate your Web APP URL.

3. Open the URL on a new Tab. You should see that default Docker landing page.

Task 5: Understand what the Charts are saying.

1. Back onto the Overview page of your Web APP you should see the following charts:

  • HTTP 5xx: Are responses that indicates any server issues. A sudden spike in 5xx responses can be the result of the following:
    • Deploying new code that contains bugs.
    • Errors returned by upstream services.
    • Your application is overwhelmed by the amount of traffic it is receiving.
    • Issues in the configuration for your app service.
  • Data In: Provides details of incoming data to the Web App.
  • Data Out: Provides details of outgoing data from the Web App.
  • Requests: Shows the number of requests received by Web app over the period of time.
  • Response Time: Shows how much time Web App took to respond back to the requests.

Don’t forget to delete your Azure Web APP when you are done.

I hope this article was helpful, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. If you would like to be notified of when I create a new post, you can subscribe to my blog alert.

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