Do you bring your own device to work?

Bringing your own devices such as your personal smart phone, tablet or laptop to the work place could make you a target for cybercriminals. When used for work, your personal devices contain sensitive information, provide a gateway to the corporate network or could be used as carriers to distribute malware.


While bringing your own device has its advantages, it will most probably not be fully protected to the same degree as
your corporate device is. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your device is protected.



  • Be Aware of Policy – don’t use your own devices for work before understanding the applicable policy.
  • Your Strong PIN Code – your strong pin or pass-code will lock attackers out.
  • Operating Systems – on all devices, phones, tables, etc. should be the latest version. Install apps from official app stores only and keep them current.
  • Damage Control – if your device was stolen and was utilized to access work email services or company information, notify us immediately and change your network, email and other passwords.
  • Don’t tempt thieves – think twice to leave your unattended mobile devices, particularly in public places.
  • Delete some data – Think about removing sensitive data from your device.


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