Is A Comcast Business Modem HIPAA Compliant?

I know the reason your here is to find out if a stand alone Comcast Business Modem can be used in a Medical Practice and pass the HIPAA compliance security check for protecting a healthcare network. Well, first there are a few things we need to know about HIPAA and Firewall Requirements. 

HIPAA Firewalls 101

The internet is full of viruses and malicious software actively attempting to execute exploits and gain access to computers and networks. Without proper firewalls in place patient data will be vulnerable and accessible to bay guys.

Firewalls can provide a first line of defense. A firewall acts much like a solid brick wall around a building, complete with a gate and security guard. The security guard only allowing the specific things you have told him through.

What Would A Proper HIPAA Approved Firewall Do?

Can A Comcast Modem Reduce Risk And Impact Of Malware?

  • A Managed Firewall identifies traffic that results in distribution of malware, ransomware or other possible illegal activity.

Can A Comcast Modem provide Access Control?

  • Sure a Comcast Modem provides some access control but this modem is basic. HIPAA requirements require advanced access controls, management and logging.

Can A Comcast Modem Conduct Internal Vulnerability Scans?

  • Can a Comcast Business Modem Detect security weaknesses inside your network by scanning your internal network.

Can A Comcast Modem Conduct Firewall Updates, Backup, And Recovery?

  • HIPAA requirements dictate that firewalls must be able to maintain updates, backups and have the possibility of log recover due to a natural disaster or cyber security event.

Now We Are Left With The Question. Can A Comcast Business Modem Meet Compliance Requirements?

After providing all that information, think to yourself… can a Stand Alone Comcast Business Modem meat HIPAA requirements: 164.312(a)(2)(iii), 164.308(a)(8)? In short the answer is NO it does not meat HIPAA requirements. A stand alone Comcast Business Modem lacks the advanced functionality that HIPAA mandates. 

If your interested to know what firewalls you must use to be HIPAA compliant you can check it out here.


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