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How to configure Dell N3024 or N3048 Switch

nIn these few steps I will be showing you how to configure a Dell N3024 or n3048 switch. We will be using putty and a series of commands to get these Dell switches.

  1. Download and install PUTTY onto the computer you will be using to configure the Dell N3024 or n3048 switch.
  2. Make your life easier with a USB Console Cable. But yes you will need one of these to configure the switch.
  3. Unpack your Dell N3024 or n3048 switch.
  4. Make sure you have the Console cable connected to the switch and the computer.
  5. Open up Putty. Make sure to select the Serial radio button. Keep the Speed at 9600 you may have to change the serial line from COM1 to COM2 or COM3 to get connected to the switch.
  6. Once connected wait for the switch to load. Step 1 will display: “Would you like to run the setup wizard (you must answer this question within 60 seconds)? (y/n)” 
  7. Type Y and hit enter.
  8. If you happen to wait longer than 60 seconds unplug your switch and start over.
  9. You will be prompted to setup SNMP , you can skip this step by typing N. If you need this enabled you can set it up later.
  10. In Step2 you will be prompted to use the default Admin account by hitting enter or type in your own admin account.
  11. Followed by typing in the password you would like to used. Please don’t keep this empty.
  12. Now in Step 4 we will configure VLAN1 by typing in the letter Y to continue with the setup.
  13. You will be asked to enter an IP for the device use “DHCP” and type it in. We can set a static later.
  14. In Step 5 we will type in N to skip the process.  
  15. The Final Step you will have to approve all your settings by typing in Y.

  16. Now lets setup management access so you an access a GUI. In the following codes below adjust your IP if it is different for your network.
console(config)#interface vlan 1
console(config-if-vlan1)#ip address
console(config)#ip default-gateway

17. Now we will be setting up the login access account for the GUI.

console(config)#username admin password PICKaPassword privilege 15
console(config)#enable password PICKaPassword

18. Now lets save everything.

You can now access the switch GUI with your browser. I hoped this has helped you configure Dell N3024 or N3048 Switch.  

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