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Dell Switch n2024 and n2048 Default Login

If you are looking for a default Login Account and Password you have come to the right place because there is no Default login for the Dell Switch n2024 or the n2048.

How to Access Dell Switch n2024 and n2048 Without a Password

  1. Grab your console cable and your computer.
  2. Make sure to install Putty which would be used to connect to the Dell n2024 or n2048 Switch.
  3. Manually reboot the switch and also have putty open and connected.
  4. When the Dell switch n2024 or n2048 loads you will get a message to select an option.
      • 1- Start Operational Code
      • 2- Display Boot Menu
  5. When you see the Dell Networking Boot Options, type “2” and press “Enter” to select within 3 seconds. If you miss this step the switch will need to be powered on again.
  6. Once the boot menu is loaded you will see options 1 through 12.  Type “12” for Start password Recovery and hit enter.
  7. The switch will start the system without a username or password
  8. Once the switch is booted up you will be able to create a new username and password by entering the following commands below
console# configure
console(config)# username admin password Dell1234
console(config)# end
console# copy running-config startup-config	

Of course you can set the username and password to whatever you want. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

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Patrick Domingues


  1. Hi Patrick,
    Like your article, but it doesn’t cover my current problem which is:
    I have a STACK of 4 x N3048 switches, configured as our core switch ( SAS connected). I can reboot the master, and set it for password reset as in the article, but by the time it boots one of the other switches has taken over the master role, and it won’t let me do anything. My predecessor changed the password and doesn’t remember what to. I’ve chased my tail on this all morning. Any ideas? Dell doesn’t seem to cover this problem.

    1. Hey Bruce, Thanks for the visit and hope this helps out.

      1. Remove all your stacking cables.
      2. Factory Reset all switches but only configure 1 switch
      3. Turn off all switches
      4. Plug in your stacking cables
      5. Plug power to Primary switch of the stack that was fully configured and after 5 seconds plug in the power to the rest.
      6. At some point while putty is up you should see that the rest of the switches are being added to the stack after 10mins hit enter.
      7. to confirm what is in your stack use the command Show Switch. If some of them are not numbered the way you like use the commands below

      console(config)# switch (existing ID) renumber (new ID)

      It will go through a couple of reboots. Keep in mind that the management switch will change on occasion and that is a proper function, reason being if you had just 1 switch that was primary management and that switch was lost you could no longer be able to management the stack. The config gets pushed to all switches and console management would jump around at times.

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