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Restore Dell N4024 or N4048 Switch to factory defaults

To restore the Dell N4024 or N4048 switch to factory defaults you can follow the below procedure:

  1. Manually reboot your switch
  2. While the switch is booting up keep an eye on the bootup screen and find “Dell Networking Boot Options” and select option #2 (Display Boot Menu) within 3 seconds.
  3. On Boot Main Menu, enter choice # 10 for enable password removal.

Dell Networking Boot Options

Select a menu option within 3 seconds or the Operational Code will start automatically…

1 – Start Operational Code

2 – Display Boot Menu

Select Cl , 2) # 2

Boot Main Menu

1 – Start Operational Code
2 – Select Baud Rate
3 – Retrieve Logs
4 – Load New Operational Code
5 – Display Operational Code Details
9 – Reboot
10 – Restore Configuration to Factory Defaults
11 – Activate Backup Image
12 – Start Password Recovery
Enter Choice* 10

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