Amazon Phishing Emails Are Running Rampant

Amazon phishing emails are running rampant. These hackers are using these types of phishing emails to try and gain access to your account and information and use it to purchase items with.

Some common tip-offs that an email is phony are typos, grammatical mistakes, awkward language, missing words, extra spaces, and other signs that the email was written unprofessionally. Such emails might also ask you to look at an attachment or click a link and then give your personal information on a Web page or in a form. Or the sender’s email address might look suspicious. If you hover over the links you can even see that it would not direct you to legit URL. Here Are A Few Email TIPS 

New Amazon Phishing Email

  • Don’t ever open random attachments.

Always Review Incoming Email Address

  • In this case the email address is completely random and not coming from a verifiy amazon email address.

Always hover over action buttons

  • If you hover over these action buttons they will reveal a random website they are directing you to which will lead you to a landing page that is similar to the amazon website. Once you put in your username and password on their site you have now been compromised.


Always use your best judgement before opening up emails, attachments and links. Stay safe.  Here Are A Few Email TIPS 

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