Zeus Sphinx Banking Trojan Ramps Up During COVID19

The Zeus and Sphinx Banking Trojan is showing off its ugly face more often now during COVID19, lurking and targeting desperate users looking for information about COVID19.

According to researchers Amir Gandler and Limor Kessem at IBM X-Force, the researchers observed a significant increase in volume in March 2020, of the Zeus and Sphinx’s malware. It was clear that the operators looked to take advantages around government relief payments to COVID19 affected people and companies.

Zeus and Sphinx Banking Trojan

In March 2020 these phishing and malspam campaigns emails tell targets that they need to fill out an attached form to receive coronavirus relief from the government. These new Zeus and Sphinx Banking Trojan variant is spreading via coronavirus-themed email sent to victims in the U.S., Canada and Australia, housed in malicious attachments named “COVID 19 relief,” according to an X-Force blog posting on Monday.

Stay vigilant and review these Email Security Tips you can also play the Introduction to Phishing video below.

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