Your Not HIPAA Compliant Using Windows 7

If your using Windows 7 or older on your network you are not HIPAA Compliant and should be ashamed for putting your clients and patient information at risk.

What WINDOWS 7 “END OF LIFE” and HIPAA mean for you?

What you need to worry about is that Windows 7 will no longer receive windows security updates for vulnerabilities and this in itself is a breach in HIPAA compliance. This also means that Microsoft will no longer offer technical support for any issues, software updates, and security updates or fixes.

One of the main reasons why Your Not HIPAA Compliant Using Windows 7 is because of the lack of security updates and fixes. This puts all information stored on Windows 7, including confidential client information, will be at risk. Hackers and external security threats will know about this stop date, and as such will find it easier to push through established security protocols and infiltrate your private security network.


The best course of action as a medical service provider running Windows 7 is to contact either your current IT provider or to contact yours truly Patrick Domingues for guidance on what to do next. It is best to contact someone sooner rather than later because not only you are subjecting your patient information to vulnerabilities, Your Not HIPAA Compliant Using Windows 7 and could be liable in paying willful neglect HIPAA Fines

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