Hackers Use Fake Windows Update Emails to Inject Cyborg Ransomware

Hackers are using a Fake Windows Update email to inject cyborg ransomware. The email campaign has been found during the latest Windows 10 November 2019 update that was release. Users are getting fake emails regarding this update Windows update and it states that you should download the update attached. This attachment is not a Windows 10 update, it actually installs “Cyborg Ransomware” in your PC.


How it Happens

Users will first receive an email regarding urging them to download the updates like “Critical Microsoft Windows Update!” or “Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update Now”. With this fake email will contain an attachment which has a “.jpeg” file which is not a picture; it’s an executable file.

Hackers Use Fake Windows Update Emails to Inject Cyborg Ransomware

Once you run this file it will download another executable file called bitcoingenerator.exe, which is programmed to deliver malware in your system. This file contains the Cyborg Ransomware that encrypts a victim’s system and leaves a ransom note on the desktop.

Cyborg Ransomware is highly effective because the files encrypted by it locks system files that affect the system. And these files cannot be decrypted without paying the ransom. Cyborg Ransomware can be created and spread easily as its code is easily accessible and can be spammed using the Windows theme or sending it to the user’s email address. Since Windows 7 users will not be able to get any security updates after January 2020 attackers are taking advantage of it and are sending the fake updates to infect the computers through emails.

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