Government Database On 92M Brazilians Found For Sale

A Government Database on 92 million Brazilians was found for sale on a dark web forum. Following a tip-off from a analyst known as Breach Radar, a BleepingComputer reporter investigated the auction of an alleged government database containing the personal information.

It was found that the seller called X4Crow was claiming that the database includes personal information such as names, mother’s name, gender, dates of birth and taxpayer IDs of the 92 million citizens. The data is sorted across provinces in Brazil, and a sample acquired by Ilascu verified the accuracy of this claim. BleepingComputer also has information to suggest that this is a government database.

Ionut Ilascu found that the database was being auctioned across multiple restricted access dark web marketplaces. The starting price for this 16GB, SQL format, database is $15,000


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