Does A Office Printer Have To Be HIPAA Compliant?

Ensuring that your office printer is HIPAA compliant isn’t only important for the security of your patients but it’s also the law. That being said, all printer technology must be secured and maintained according to the standards outlined in HIPAA.


Types of print technology defined:

Print technology is defined as printers, copiers, multifunction printers, fax machines, and all other devices with similar functions.


How to know if my printer is HIPAA Compliant? 

I have some advice here for you when it comes to HIPPA compliance security and the print technology devices your office uses.

One of the BIGGEST weaknesses I continue to see when working with healthcare organizations is the lack of attention and knowledge of printing technologys play in HIPAA compliance.

As you know the confidentiality of health information of all your patients is vital, and the craziest part is that you might not even know your putting your patients at risk. 

Secure Your Printer Access

By law, only certain authorized staff should have the ability to access documents that contain PHI. In order to do so, printers and other devices should be in a location where only authorized staff can access PHI. 

These PHI printing printers should be locked down and only a pin code would allow the printer to print any document set in queue. This would alleviate any PHI being left out in the open on the printer.  

Make sure all methods of copying or removing information from a device and transferring it to a memory device is disabled. This includes disabling any type of CD drive or USB ports.


Track and Manage Documents

Any equipment that handles PHI, from copiers to computers, should be included in HIPAA maintenance measures. Create a list of devices that access PHI before putting your confidentiality practices into effect. Documents should be tracked from sender to recipient when copied, faxed or printed and never left unattended. 


Need Additional Help?

If you need more assistance in achieving your goal for HIPAA Compliance I have created a checklist that you can use. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding HIPAA Compliance.

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