BAE Report States HUMAN ERROR still major Security Risk

BAE Systems has revealed that even though organizations have continued attempts to improve their cybersecurity, human error is still the major vulnerability towards an organizations network.

They compiled a report by speaking to board level executives, IT decision makers and security professionals to better understand what the current state of corporate incident response capabilities and readiness were.

What they found from their results was to be expected, the BAE Systems research showcased how the majority of organizational breaches are caused by human error. Hackers prey on the uninformed employees.

They have examined that the breaches caused by human error were at 71 percent due to phishing attacks and 65 percent were due to indirect virus and malware infections.


Response Teams Saw A Rise In incidents 

BAE Systems also noticed that incident response teams have been working with a number of incidents increases per month.

The research also revealed that many organizations are just not prepared to respond to cyber threats.

  • 23% never conduct incident response exercises with senior management
  • 36% of businesses admit that cyber attacks cost up to 1.3mill+
  • 40% of businesses have suffered a cyber attach within the last 6 months

To help organizations deal with today’s growing cyber threats, BAE Systems has published its 22019 incident response report, ‘Why Ignoring Incident Response Could Spell Disaster‘.

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